Welcome to Helm Track.






Internal / external curtain track suitable for dividing paintshops,

welding areas,hangers and barns, in fact anywhere that a flexible

partition needs to be installed. 

Suitable for any and all flexible PVC materials.

6m Rail, Steel Zinc Plated

45461231752842helm1.jpg    No 45 Series

  Part No: 11054501  

  External sizes: 25mm wide by 24mm deep

  Material thickness 1.4mm

  Weight: 8 kilos per 6m length



  90 Degree Curve

   Part No: 11024501

  Radius = 60cm

  Length = 2m at the end 0.5m straight





  Rail Stop

   Part No: 11304501





   Support for Fastening onto the Wall

  Part No: 11204501

  Support for Fastening onto the Ceiling

  Part No: 11214501




  Coupling Piece (Long)

  Part No: 11254501

  Coupling Piece for Welding Construction (Short)

  Part No: 11264503



Runners with Steel Ball-Bearing



  Part No: 11064501

  Length: 72mm

  Width: 19mm

  Hole Centre: 20mm





  Part No: 11094501

  Length: 72mm

  Width: 19mm

  Hole Centre: 20mm





  Part No: 11164501

  Length: 60mm

  Width: 19mm

  Hole Centre: 20mm




27361231752847helm9.jpg  Plastic Runner Synthetic Material with Ball-Bearing

  Part No: 11034542

  Length: 43mm

  Width: 19mm

  For hanging on a hook



  Recessed Lashing Ring

   Part No: 11117001